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Studio Rental Service

Room Rental for Therapy or Music Lessons

Well Equipped Therapy Studio 
  Convenient Location
Big and Small Rooms available     

Room Options

Optional Equipment

Percussion instruments (Available in Room 1 and 2) - $0 

Available percussion instruments: 5 Djembe (Room 1), 6 Bongos (Room 2), Tambourines, Rainbow bells, egg shakers, Triangles, wood blocks, wooden xylophone, guiros, ocean drum, rainstick, lollipop drums, jingles, boom whackers etc (contact us for more details)
Jazz Drum with Amp (Small Room) - $0

Piano Keyboard (Available in Room 1 and 2) - $0 

Packages Available for Discounted Rental Offer
​Comes in 5-hour/ 10-hour / 15-hour packages

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