Suitable for Early Childhood educator/teachers, social workers, or teachers and workers of special needs children

Workshop Content could include:

  • Understanding the needs of SEN children (Special Needs Children)

  • The incorporation of Music in education

  • Music activities leading skills

  • Music therapy activity-based experience

  • Classroom management

  • Dealing with behavioral problems

  • Communication with parents


Workshops could be offered to organizations/schools in a series (focusing on certain topics at a time) or in an once- off nature. 


Music Therapy Introductory Workshop

Suitable for special needs educators/teachers, parents, allied-health professions, social workers, or anyone interested in music therapy

Workshop Content may include:
  • Background and concept of Music Therapy
  • Application in different settings (language, physical, social, cognitive and emotional development)
  • Understanding the characteristics of SEN children (Special Needs Children)
  • Setting therapy goals
  • Different therapy techniques
  • Music therapy activity-based experience
  • Production of children's social songs
  • Case-based group discussions and exercises

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